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Urban's 'Why the Dean Is Dead' now available

Barry McNamara
“Why the Dean Is Dead,” the fifth book in a murder mystery series by Monmouth College professor William Urban, is now available through
Urban, who is the college’s Lee L. Morgan Professor of History and International Studies, has written nearly two dozen scholarly works, many of them dealing with Eastern European history and the history of warfare.
But Urban also enjoys writing about another subject with which he is quite familiar – the inner workings at a small, semi-rural college campus. “Why the Dean Is Dead” continues the story of troubled Briarpatch College, where the academic dean and the president have died in previous books in the series.
“Now with a new president in place and the college operating on a somewhat normal routine again, no one has any idea that in just a short time, the discovery of the librarian’s body will upset everything and everyone,” reads Urban’s synopsis. “As Professor Donahue and Chief Biggs begin investigating the librarian’s death, they begin to suspect once again that the late dean is somehow involved.”
Urban said a total of seven Briarpatch College plots have been sketched out, adding, “The next one is at least a year away. After publishing two books in one year (his military history ‘Bayonets and Scimitars’ will appear later in the summer) and contributions to local newspaper, I need to take Voltaire’s advice and tend my own garden, at least for a while.”
Released in May, the 378-page book is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions.
“It will be available as an e-book,” confirmed Urban, who believes the fifth book might be the best in the series so far. “The disadvantage to that, for me, is that I probably won’t know who has read it. I always enjoy signing the copies that friends, alums and students pick up at the bookstore. That provides an opportunity to chat about the book, the past and life at a small private college.”