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Brady's talk on Mexico will hit close to home

Heather Brady, associate professor of modern foreign languages at Monmouth College, will be the featured speaker at the next International Luncheon talk on Thursday, March 29, at noon in the Whiteman-McMillan Highlander Room of the Stockdale Center.

A Robles Garcia Fulbright Scholar in Mexico during the 2010-11 academic year, Brady will speak on the topic “Un pie en el estribo – A Foot in the Stirrup: Immigration and Culture in Jalisco/Zacatecas, Mexico.” She will focus on the connections between the city of Monmouth and that region of Mexico, where she was able to do extensive research on immigration.

An optional buffet lunch, featuring international foods, may be purchased for $7.50. Food reservations must be made in advance by calling 309-457-2149.