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Mentoring Day

Barry McNamara
Farhat Haq, Professor of Political Science, discusses a book chapter with student Andrew Farraher '11.
October means many things at Monmouth College, such as Homecoming and Fine Arts Month, but there is another important campus event that happens during the 10th month each year.

October is Mentoring Month at Monmouth College, and Mentoring Day will occur on Wednesday, Oct. 20. During Mentoring Month, faculty and staff work with students to help them discover and learn more about specific majors and the many career paths they may pursue.

Mentoring Day is the specific day when all afternoon classes are cancelled between 1 and 4:15 p.m. This provides Monmouth faculty members the ability to devote their time to speaking with students who are majoring or are considering majoring in their subjects, plan courses of study and discuss options after graduation.

“I remember how overwhelmed I felt as an undergraduate trying to decide on a major,” said David Timmerman, dean of the faculty. “I went to a school that provided no help in the process that I was aware of. This program, and the extensive advertising of it, is fantastic for our students and something all of us can be proud of.”

The mentoring process is a time for students to reflect on goals. This includes making the goals, planning to achieve the goals, assessing obstacles and assessing the progress made toward the goals. Along the way, students are able to reflect on the college experience, and faculty have the opportunity to share the mission of the college with students and make connections between their major and their general education requirements.

“I don’t have most of my advisees in my classes, so I am grateful to have this time to chat with them,” said Marjorie Bond, professor of mathematics and computer science. “When we meet in the spring, we are in a rush to prepare their schedules for the next year. But when we meet in October, we get to talk about so much more – their goals, the mission of the college, general education and their life in general. Formally dedicating a month for these meetings with advisors and advisees makes Monmouth College special.”

Students are encouraged to discuss career exploration, professional work experience and/or research with their advisor or a professor in their major, and Mentoring Day also provides the opportunity for departments to meet with their majors to disseminate information.