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Evans is fostering connections in alumni relations role

Barry McNamara
MONMOUTH, Ill. – Monmouth College’s new associate director of alumni relations is working on connections as part of her short- and long-term goals.

“My main focus right now is learning about the College,” said Rachel Evans, who began working at Monmouth earlier this year. “My longer-term goal is to help alumni feel connected to the College.”

Charged with planning the College’s main fall alumni event, Homecoming, and its Golden Scots Celebration in June, Evans has several other initiatives on her plate.

“Besides the reunion weekends, we host events throughout the United States where alumni can socialize with fellow alumni,” she said. “Alumni can also get connected to Monmouth by participating in visits to campus, maybe as a speaker or through a networking event with students. They can even connect by simply liking and sharing our social media posts.”

A well-connected alumni base helps a college in many ways, said Evans, who did her undergraduate work at Valparaiso University and holds a master’s degree in public administration from Drake University.

“Alumni can help students who are interested in their career fields,” she said. “That can be through conversations, or helping with interviews or résumés or all sorts of opportunities.”

Helping Evans do her job are the friendly faces of Monmouth’s staff, faculty and students, which Evans experienced “as soon as I stepped out of my car.”

“My early impression of Monmouth is that I’m blown away by the community,” she said.

As a Valparaiso student, Evans worked in that school’s alumni advancement office, which is where she became interested in eventually working in higher education. She has also served in AmeriCorps and done development and communication work for several non-profits in the Quad Cities.

“I came to Monmouth College because I love my connection to my alma mater, and I want to help other alumni feel that type of connection,” she said.