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Lorenzo to return to campus for lecture on Greek, Roman victory celebrations

Lorenzo will discuss victory celebrations surrounding ancient naval battles. (Painting: The Roman Fleet Victorious over the Carthaginians at the Battle of Cape Ecnomus, Gabriel Jacques de Saint-Aubin)
A former member of Monmouth College’s faculty will be back on campus April 3 to present an archaeology lecture.

Kristian Lorenzo, a visiting assistant professor at Hollins (Va.) University, will talk about “Sacrifices to Spectacles: Intangible Expressions of Naval Victory and Their Importance” at 7:30 p.m. in the Pattee Auditorium of the Center for Science and Business.

Naval victories often occasioned not only the formation of celebratory monuments, but also the creation, renewal or modification of festivals, holidays, processions and spectacles.

“Due to their very natures, these intangible expressions of the emotions of victory sometimes left little impact on the archaeological record,” said Lorenzo. “Therefore, the focus of my talk will be an analysis of the remaining physical evidence for first Greek, and then Roman examples of festivals, sacrifices, etc., associated with naval victories.”

Free and open to the public, Lorenzo’s talk is part of a series sponsored by the Monmouth classics department, in cooperation with the Western Illinois Society of Archaeological Institute of America.