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MC's Butler makes history with fraternity

Melissa Lindsay
DeMarkco Butler has been named the first African-American leadership consultant for Phi Delta Theta international fraternity.
Monmouth College senior DeMarkco Butler is making history in his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. Butler, the former president of the college’s chapter, has been appointed to a two-year position as a leadership consultant for the international fraternity and is the first African-American to ever fill that position.

“It’s very exciting to be the first African-American leadership consultant,” Butler said. “They’ve hired Asian and Hispanic leadership consultants, but to be the first African-American is an awesome experience. It is strange to think that in 2010 there are still so many ‘firsts’ left, but I’m excited to be able to make history within the fraternity.”

The position involves traveling to campuses in a particular region and offering advice and assistance to the local chapters. Butler will be placed in either the Midwest or the Northeast region. The fraternity employs a total of eight consultants, and Butler was one of two hired this year. The application process was rigorous, with 60 to 70 applicants competing for those two jobs.

Butler, a communications major and business minor from Rantoul who plans to attend law school, views the experience as an opportunity to hone his communication skills and be better prepared for the study of contract law. He also believes the position, which will involve traveling, negotiating and advising, will be good preparation for his ultimate career goal to be a sports agent.

Founded in 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Phi Delta Theta was formally colonized at Monmouth College in the fall of 2008. The chapter, which began recruitment in 2007 and currently has 40 members, is notable in that its house is alcohol-free and that it has the highest grade-point average of all men’s fraternities on campus.

When asked why he joined the fraternity, Butler said, “Phi Delta Theta really jumped out to me because of the difference in culture than what was previously on campus.”

He said he’s excited about continuing with the fraternity because he will be able to see its administrative side, rather than only experiencing the fraternity as an undergraduate.

In addition to his Greek life involvement, Butler is president of the senior class and serves as a Scot Ambassador. He has also participated in football for all four years and men’s club volleyball and had an internship with the City of Monmouth last fall.

“At Monmouth, I’ve had a great opportunity to interact with a very diverse culture, which has broadened my mind and interests into other curriculums,” he said.