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Scots Roast tasting event at Olivia's on Jan. 25

It is now accurate to say that the Monmouth Coffee Project has produced a “ton” of coffee, and the public is invited to a tasting event on Jan. 25 to see what the buzz is all about.
Hosted by Olivia’s Cookie Jar & Kitchen, 112 S. First St., Monmouth, the 10 a.m. event will include a 20-minute interactive presentation by Monmouth College faculty member Brad Sturgeon, who started preparing and marketing the Scots Roast blend with some of his students in 2010.
The interdisciplinary project, which grew out of an earlier project involving soda pop, is a prime example of the college’s focus on integrating science and business. While science students are involved in the product’s creation, business students handle the marketing, including promoting Scots Roast through social media.
“A project like this gives us an opportunity to discuss some subjects that might not come up in a typical chemistry or business classroom,” said Sturgeon, who is an assistant professor of chemistry. “We have roasted more than 2,500 pounds of coffee, and a new generation of students is now involved. We now roast the coffee in our brand new lab in the Center for Science and Business.”
Coffee brewed from a percolator, a French press, an espresso machine and the standard coffee maker used by Olivia’s will be available at the tasting. Each guest will be given one cup and have the time the taste their sample before moving on to the next brewing station.
Guests will be invited to stay for more coffee and food. Five- and 10-ounce bags of Scots Roast will be available for purchase, starting at $5.