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International Luncheon

Feb 13 - 12:00 p.m.
Stockdale Center - HR

We cordially invite the college community and public to the International Luncheon Program of the 2014 Spring Semester. Presentations, along with an international meal, will take place in the Highlander Room. Reservations for the meal must be made by the Friday prior to the presentation by calling Lori Ferguson at 457-2253. Meal prices are $7.50 for faculty, staff and the general public. Students need to sign up ahead of time and their meal ticket will be credited, plus $4.00 of flex spending. Anyone may attend the presentation without obligation to purchase the meal. The programs, which include the speaker’s presentation and discussion, begin at noon and last approximately an hour.

Thursday, February 13, 2014 @ Noon
Brian and Stephanie Baugh, Art Department
With MC students McCahl Murray and Jessica Bybee, and Scottish exchange student Tony Shek
Scotland and Italy: Cathedral Ruins and Cathedral Museums – a Year of History, Art, and Teaching

In the fall of 2012, Brian and Stephanie Baugh lived in Perth, Scotland, and taught design courses at Perth College through UHI. In the spring of 2013, they lived in Florence, Italy, while Brian taught in the Florence/London Program through the ACM. Brian and Stephanie will talk about the programs for which they taught, their experiences traveling through these countries, and rich art historical traditions in which they were immersed. McCahl Murray studied Adventure Tourism at Ft. William College in Scotland in the Fall of 2012, and Jessica Bybee participated in the ACM Florence/London program in the Spring of 2013. These students will present highlights from their semesters off-campus. Tony Shek, a student from Perth College is studying at Monmouth this semester, and he will share some his observations about the differences between these educational and living environments.