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Breakfast with Mauri

Mauri is the President of Monmouth College. In his blogs he shares his thoughts on Monmouth and the community.


“Sturdy the Band of Pioneers” is an exploration of Monmouth College’s storied and colorful past, through essays, trivia and historical musings by director of college communications Jeff Rankin, a devoted student of college and local history.

A blog by Bren Tooley, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Coordinator of International Recruitment.

In celebration of having his first advisee spend a semester in Japan, James is rehashing my own experience from 6 years ago…
Terrance G. Gabel is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Economy and Commerce at Monmouth College. Originally from Keokuk, Iowa, Dr. Gabel earned his BBA (Marketing) from the University of Iowa, his Master of Science degree (Marketing) from Texas A&M University, and his Ph.D. (Marketing) from the University of Memphis
Tom Prince and Michael Connell blog about current events that illustrate elements of Marketing, Management, Advertising and Economics. They will focus on the elements they discuss in their classes and how they are part of the world around us.
A blog written by the mother of a football player to keep other parents in the loop with the Fighting Scots.
Since 2010 Monmouth College students have used sustainable and organic practices to provision a garden theme house and campus dining. Check out their site for opportunities and events throughout the year.

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