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Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology offer students the opportunity to examine the social and cultural dimensions of the contemporary world.

These closely-related disciplines address a variety of intellectual as well as policy-related topics and concerns such as the dynamics of interpersonal relations, social organization across cultures, the family, politics, criminal behavior and the justice system, the nature of the state, social institutions (such as education and medicine), the structure of social and global inequality, and much more.

Monmouth College’s sociology/anthropology program emphasizes the development of a student’s ability to think critically, analyze and synthesize diverse social data and concepts, and conduct research independently and as part of a team. The program also emphasizes a student’s ability to convey that research through sound and effective written and oral communication.

Sociology/anthropology students engage in research on campus, and through off-campus programs offered by Monmouth-area institutions, and by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest in Chicago, Europe and Asia.

Because we live in a world of diminishing economic, cultural, and national barriers, a major in sociology and anthropology can lead to a variety of fulfilling careers, such as social research, social work, education, communication, business management, and health care, to name a few. The program also prepares students for post-graduate study in a variety of fields.

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Luke and Emily Raymond
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