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Public Relations

Overview of the Public Relations Major:

The Public Relations major is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for a wide range of jobs and careers. Students interested in a public relations career should also consider work in marketing, advertising, and human relations. Students should also take advantage of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that offer the chance to put theory into practice.

Career Opportunities:

Public relations practitioners are skilled creators and managers. Duties will range from the every-day to the unusual, and typically combine an ability to juggle numerous tasks with an attention to detail. Public relations officers deal with a variety of internal and external publics, and often become the keeper of an organization’s image. Work in a public relations agency is normally very competitive, but opportunities exist in organizations of all size. Specific jobs include:

• Copy Writer                 • Events Planner                     • Multimedia Producer

• Press Aide                  • Speech Writer                      • Publications Director

• Media Buyer                • Editorial Assistant               • Spokesperson

• Web Designer

Required Courses for the Public Relations Major:

BUSI 307 Principles of Marketing

BUSI 367 Advertising

COMM 261 Mass Media and Modern Society

COMM 339 Persuasion

PUBR 363 Media and Public Relations Writing

PUBR 367 Layout and Design

ECON 200 Principles of Economics

PUBR 341 Public Relations

PUBR 491 Public Relations Cases

PUBR 493 Internship

One of the following two courses:

BUSI 315 Negotiations

BUSI 335 Human Resources


Students are encouraged to meet with the program coordinator to discuss areas of interest. Often students can major in a second area, or can develop specific areas of expertise. Courses in psychology and sociology are generally useful, as is a familiarity with the various forms of communication technology (e.g., video, Internet, multimedia, print).

Students interested in writing/public presentation should consider the following courses:

COMM 235 Small Group Communication

COMM 260 Introduction to Journalism

COMM 333 Organizational Communication

ENGL 210 Creative Writing

ENGL 301 Advanced Composition

ENGL 310 Advanced Creative Writing

Students interested in print/digital imaging should consider the following courses:

ARTD 211 Design

ARTD 236 Photography

ARTD 345 Graphic Design I

ARTD 445 Graphic Design II

THEA 376 Theatre Design and Technology

Students interested in gaining additional knowledge in business should consider the following courses:

BUSI 105 The Evolution of Commerce

BUSI 305 Administration and Organization

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