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Physical Therapy Overview

In the near future, nearly everyone entering the physical and occupational therapy fields will have completed a masters degree program.  The course requirements for both programs include a number of courses in biology and psychology, so students often major in those areas.

Physical Therapy Programs
Upon graduation from Monmouth, students who wish to become a physical therapist can choose to enter a professional program to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. In most institutions, the Doctor of Physical Therapy is a 3-year program that includes some basic science coursework and clinical work. Several Illinois schools, including Bradley University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Midwestern University, offer DPT degrees. More information about the physical therapy profession and schools that offer the DPT degree can be found at the American Physical Therapy Association web site:

Students who wish to enroll in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program typically have several science requirements for admission to the program. The BA must be completed prior to matriculation. While many students intending to apply to the PT programs select a major in the sciences, a student may choose any major field of study as long as the courses listed below are completed. It is also recommended that the required courses are completed prior to application to PT school.


Courses* Monmouth Courses
2 semesters of general biology with lab
BIOL 150
BIOL 151 or BIOL 200 (Cell)
2 semesters of anatomy/physiology BIOL 204 (Anatomy & Physiology)
BIOL 325 (Advanced Physiology)
2 semesters of chemistry CHEM 140 (General Chemistry)
CHEM 220 and 225 (Analytical)
2 semesters of physics PHYS 130 (Physics I)
PHYS 132 (Physics II)
Statistics MATH 207 (MATH 106)

* These are typical course requirements; check specific schools that you may attend for their specific requirements.

In addition to coursework, physical therapy schools require 50-100 hours of documented observation in a clinical setting before beginning the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.