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Institutional Endorsement

The following National Scholarships REQUIRE institutional endorsement. This means that you must work with the Monmouth College National Scholarship Committee prior to submitting an application.

If you are interested in pursuing a national scholarship opportunity, you should talk with your academic advisor immediately:  he or she will have good advice for you about the courses you might wish to take and the extra academic and co-curricular experiences you should pursue (summer collaborative research, study abroad, leadership roles within campus organizations, substantive civic engagement and voluntarism).

Each of these major national scholarship and fellowship opportunities have faculty advisors who are 'champions' and informed guides to a particular scholarship. You should meet with the faculty advisor of the scholarship in which you are interested as soon as possible, before you've decided definitely that this is the opportunity you wish to pursue.  The faculty advisor can help you determine whether or not your academic record and co-curricular  resume of service and leadership is a good match to the opportunity.

You should also talk with one of the co-chairs of the national scholarship and fellowship program at Monmouth College, all of whom can direct you to resources that will help you write your application essay and complete the application process.

Please note that Monmouth College will have internal application deadlines in advance of the external deadlines, in order to select the candidate(s) Monmouth College will endorse as institutional nominee(s).

The following National Scholarships require Monmouth College endorsement:

See PDF documents for more details.