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International Studies

Program Objectives:
The objective of the International Studies major is to prepare students -- through the study of foreign languages, cultures and international events -- to understand and deal with foreign cultures and global affairs.

The program is intended for those who want an international emphasis in the following academic fields of interest: teacher education, business, political science, public and organizational administration, management, pre-law, journalism, etc.

International Studies also serves as suitable preparation for advanced study in doctoral programs and graduate professional programs such as law and business.

Program Elements:
The International Studies major is composed of four elements:

  • Courses providing a common ‘core’ introduction and overview of international relations, global issues, social patterns, political affairs, economic forces, and contemporary problems.
  • Courses from the liberal arts, social sciences and related fields that concentrate within one of two emphases: Global Cultures (GC) or Global Politics & Processes (GPP).
  • One year additional, preferably modern, language study at the intermediate level.
  • Participation in a study abroad program.

Career Opportunities:
The number of jobs in both private and public sectors with an international component is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, bilingual ability and cross-cultural experience is an increasingly increasingly valuable commodity when searching for career opportunities.

The International Studies major provides a strong diversified liberal arts education. The emphasis on different disciplines allows students to customize their own major while supporting intellectual development applicable to many careers in education, law, private industry, tourism, international organizations, journalism and media, military and various government agencies.
Program Coordinator
Farhat Haq