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Honors Program

The Honors Program at Monmouth College is intended for a select group of well-qualified students and incorporates a variety of special courses germane to a liberal education; it is designed to reinforce and extend the perspectives of the General Education curriculum. Offered in the Fall semester, the first course in the program is HONR 110, which gives special attention to critical thinking, the history of ideas, and the perspectives provided by various branches of intellectual inquiry.
This course also provides information about student opportunities for study, research and travel; public service; and leadership roles on and off campus. Mid-program, students pursue in-depth analysis of the figures, events, movements, and ideas instrumental in shaping our world by taking two HONR 210 courses.
Juniors are expected to account their service and leadership to the campus community thus far, and to make application for a competitive national scholarship or graduate program pertinent to their academic and service achievements (HONR 310). Senior Honors students enroll in an independent study course (HONR 410), the outcome of which is a substantial interdisciplinary project or paper accomplished under the guidance of mentors from more than one academic field.
Bryn Wears

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Bryn Wears
Class of 2006

Honors project primed alumnae for career in architecture