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Jennifer Thorndike

Academic Biography:

I´m a scholar and writer.

My main interests are biopolitics, bio-economy and bio-value as theoretical frame; and body, sickness and madness in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Cinema. My dissertation "Tecnologías del ser improductivo: Biopolítica, bioeconomía y bioliberación en la literatura y cine latinoamericano del siglo XX y XXI" analyzes how bodies are labeled, surveillance, excluded and modified by the State power; how individuals not related to the State apparatus replicate these behaviors in the private space; and how sick individuals seek for liberation through the building of autonomous and alternative communities.

I have published two short story collections and two novels: [Ella] (2012) and Esa muerte existe (2016). I have also written articles about literature and media in several journals. In 2016 I was chosen by FIL-Guadalajara as one of the twenty most important Latin American writers born during the eighties.

Research Interests:
- Theoretical: Biopolitics, biopower, bio-economy, necropolitics, thanatopolitics, body theory, discourse theory, affect theory, neoliberalism, sovereignty development and perpetuation, autonomy theory, gender and queer theory, postcolonial theory, sickness and madness and its effects on social behavior, state and medical control over the bodies and populations, evil behavior among individuals and its representation, everyday political activism, power relations among vulnerable subjects.

Literature and Cinema: Contemporary (XX-XXI century) Latin-American literature (fiction and non-fiction) and cinema, manifestos and political pamphlets. Cotemporary panorama of Latin-American literature, XX-XXI Latin-American short story, XX-XXI Latin-American Cinema, Women writers, Detective novel, Sickness and madness representation on Hispanic literature and cinema, Freaks and monsters on Hispanic literature and cinema, Introduction to literary analysis, alternative community building on literature and cinema, community Latin-American serial killers´ behavior and representation on fiction and non-fiction literature and cinema, creative writing workshop.

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:
Academic Articles:

- "Alternative Body Owners and their Machines: The Acquisition of Sovereign Subjectivities of Sick/Handicap individuals in Mario Bellatin´s Perros Héroes". (Dis)covering Abilities: Critical and Artistic Perspectives on Alternative-ableness in Spanish-speaking and US Chicano/Latino Contexts.2018, forthcoming.

- “Transacciones comerciales con cuerpos enfermos, neonatos y neomorts en la era de la biopolítica en Fruta podrida de Lina Meruane”. Paradoxa Journal, Volume 31 - Latin American Speculative Fiction. 2018, forthcoming.

- “Lúcida oscuridad: Creación literaria antes y después de la discapacidad en la obra narrativa y poética de Jorge Luis Borges. El Cid Journal. 2017, forthcoming.

- “Tristana de Luis Buñuel: Transgresiones frente al control antes y después de la deformidad”. El Hablador 22 (2015): n. Pag. Web.


- Cromosoma Z - Short Story Collection (2007, Bizarro Ediciones).

- [Ella] - Novel (2012, 1st edition, Borrador Editores; 2014, 2nd edition, Borrador Editores; 2017, 3rd edition, De Bolsillo-Penguin Random House).

- Antifaces - Short Story Collection (2015, Suburbano Ediciones).

- Esa muerte existe, Novel (2016, Literatura Random House).

Her short stories has been published in several Peruvian and Latin American short story collections and translated into English, Portuguese and French.

Courses Taught:
INTG 215 Secret Lives of Women in Literature
SPAN 336 Topics in Hispanophone History and Culture
SPAN 230 Spanish for the Health Professions
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania 2017
M.A. University of Pennsylvania 2013
B.A. Instituto Peruano de Publicidad 2005

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 301 McMichael Academic