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Jonathan Coley

Academic Biography:
I am a sociologist whose research is focused on the agents of social change who are working to bring about a more just, equal, and sustainable world. Substantively, my research focuses on progressive activism in conservative communities. Theoretically, my work has concentrated on the variety of pathways people follow into activism and the multiple ways people enact activist roles.

In line with this research agenda, my forthcoming book, Gay on God's Campus: Mobilizing for LGBT Equality at Christian Colleges and Universities, contributes an original typology of activists, activist groups, and "activisms." I identify three groups of participants in LGBT groups—politicized participants, religious participants, and LGBT participants; pinpoint differences in the LGBT activist groups to which they commit—direct action groups, educational groups, and solidarity groups; and demonstrate the various ways they embody activism in their lives—through continued social movement participation, humanistic careers, and intentional relationships. Similarly, my work on the Nashville civil rights movement (with Larry Isaac, Dan Cornfield, Dennis Dickerson, and James Lawson) explores the multiple ways that graduates of the Nashville civil rights movement diffused nonviolent praxis through political careers, humanistic occupations, and exemplary work.

Research Interests:
Social movements and social activism, political sociology, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, religion, culture

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:

Coley, Jonathan S. 2018 (Forthcoming). Gay on God's Campus: Mobilizing for LGBT Equality at Christian Colleges and Universities. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.


Cornfield, Daniel B., Jonathan S. Coley, Larry W. Isaac, and Dennis C. Dickerson. 2018 (Forthcoming). “Occupational Activism and Race Desegregation at Work: Activist Careers after the Nonviolent Nashville Civil Rights Movement.” Research in the Sociology of Work 32.

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Coley, Jonathan S., and David J. Hess. 2012. "Green Energy Laws and Republican Legislators in the United States." Energy Policy 48(1): 576-583.


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Coley Jonathan S. Forthcoming. Review of Religion and Progressive Activism: New Stories about Faith and Politics, edited by Ruth Braunstein, Todd Nicholas Fuist, and Rhys H. Williams. Mobilization.

Coley, Jonathan S. 2017. Review of Pride Parades: How a Parade Changed the World by Katherine McFarland Bruce. Mobilizing Ideas (

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Coley, Jonathan S. 2013. Review of The Broken Table: The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor by Chris Rhomberg. Work and Occupations 40(1): 73-75.

Courses Taught:
SOCI 102 Social Problems
SOCI 251 Criminology
SOCI/RELG 288 Sociology of Religion
SOAN 302 Methods of Social Research
SOAN 310 Internship in Sociology/Anthropology
SOCI 355 Social Movements
INTG 401 Citizenship: Building Communities

Ph.D. in Sociology, Vanderbilt University, 2016
M.A. in Sociology, Vanderbilt University, 2013
B.A. in Political Science, Samford University, 2010

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 3 Wallace Hall