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Bradley Rowe

Research Interests:
Social foundations of education; philosophy of education; food studies; food justice education; animal studies & animal ethics; existential literature & educational thought

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:
Selected Scholarship Activity:

Rowe, B. (2016). Challenging anthropocentrism in education: Posthumanist intersectionality and gastro-aesthetic pedagogy. In S. Rice & A.G. Rud (Eds.), The educational significance of human-animal interactions: Blurring the species line. New York: Palgrave.

Rowe, B, & Rocha, S. (2015). School lunch is not a meal: Posthuman eating as folk phenomenology. Educational Studies, 51 (6), 482-496

Rowe, B. (2014). American Emerson: A response to the discourse theme. In N. Wane, F. A. Adyanga, & A. Ali Ilmi (Eds.), Spiritual discourse in the academy: A globalized indigenous perspective, (pp. 221-236). New York: Peter Lang.

Rowe, B. (2013). Frankenstein, monsters, and science education: The need for broad-based educational policy. In M. Mueller, D. Tippins, & A. Stewart (Eds.), A guide to legislation and school policy in science education: Assessing schools for generation R (Responsibility), (pp. 363-375). New York: Springer.

Rowe, B. (2012). Food, habit, and the consumption of animals as educational encounter. In C. Ruitenberg (Ed.) Philosophy of Education 2012, (pp. 210-218). Urbana, IL: Philosophy of Education Society.

Rowe, B. (2011). Understanding animals-becoming-meat: A disturbing education. Critical Education, 2 (7), 1-25.

Rowe, B. (2010). What’s wrong with genetic engineering? Ethics, socio-scientific issues, and education. In D. Tippins, M. Mueller, M. Eijck, & J. Adams (Eds.), Cultural studies and environmentalism: The confluence of ecojustice, place-based (science) education, and indigenous knowledge systems, (pp. 129-136). New York: Springer.

Warnick, B., Rowe, B., & Kim, S. (2009). Student rights, Justice Clarence Thomas, and the revolutionary vision of education. Educational Theory, 59 (2), 145-165.

Grant Awarded: Culture & Animals Foundation ($3,000), 2010

Courses Taught:
EDST 250 Topical Foundations in Educational Studies
EDST 215 Human Diversity in Educational Communities
EDST 100 Foundations of Education
INTG 101 Introduction to Liberal Arts
EDST 260 Food, Ethics, and Education

Ph.D. Ohio State University 2012
M.A. Ohio State University 2010
M.S. University of Dayton 2006
B.A. Wright State University 2004

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 214 Wallace Hall