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Brianne Donaldson

Academic Biography:
I am always scratching around the edges for imaginative visions and practices that widen the boundaries of who is in and who is out of our communities of concern. The goal of this work is to undermine systematic violence toward excluded populations and to re/construct unruly eco-political communities of decentralized, mutual exchange.

This is especially salient here in Monmouth, where we are confronted with the realities of the local pig slaughterhouse and the bodies of pigs and immigrants who keep that machine running to satisfy cultural habits.

Research Interests:
In this work I am motivated by, among many things, the intersection of Indian and western metaphysics—especially Jainism and A. N. Whitehead's process-relational thought—alongside critical animal studies, Indian philosophies and Sanskrit literature, continental thought, queer theory, religion and science, and ideas of wild relations, expansive thriving, and many-sidedness.

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:

Creaturely Cosmologies: Why Metaphysics Matters for Animal and Planetary Liberation (Lexington Books, 2015)

Beyond the Bifurcation of Nature: A Common World For Animals and the Environment (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014)


“Bad with Names: Replacing “Animal” with Whitehead’s Insistent Particularity of Bodies,” Process Studies Journal 42.2 (Spring 2014).

“Architectures of Risk: Experiential Religious Naturalism in Tagore and Whitehead” Conviviality in Multi-Religious Contexts, ed. Santiago Slabodsky (Lexington Books, 2015), forthcoming.

“Immortality and Omniscience: Conceptual Bridges to Reworlding in Process and Jainism,” Beyond the Bifurcation of Nature: A Common World for Animals and the Environment, ed. Brianne Donaldson (New York: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014).

“They Will Know We Are Process Thinkers By Our…: Finding Whitehead’s Ecological Ethic Through the Lens of Ecofeminism and Jainism,” Polydoxy: Theologies of the Manifold, ed. Catherine Keller and Laurel Schneider (New York: Routledge Press, 2010).

Courses Taught:
RELG/PHIL 207 Bioethics
RELG/PHIL 300 Indian Traditions
RELG 220 Women and Religions
INTG 288 What is Justice?
RELG Islam and Judaism

B.A. Goshen College 2005
M.A. Anabaptist Mennonite Seminary 2007
M.A. Claremont School of Theology 2013
Ph.D. Claremont School of Theology 2013

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 202 Weeks House