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Ashwani Kumar

Research Interests:
Low dimensional Superconductivity and Quantum Hall effect.

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:
Ashwani Kumar, H. J. Gardner, L. Yu, and P. Xiong, Superconductor –insulator transitions in ultrathin a-Pb films: comparison of the effects of disorder, magnetic field, and magnetic impurity, Conductor-insulator quantum phase transitions, chapter 14, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-959259-3 (Spetember 2012)

H J Gardner, A. Kumar, L. Yu , P. Xiong, M.P. Warusawithana, L. Wang, O. Vafek, D.G. Schlom S. Thiel, C. Richter, and J. Mannhart , Enhancement of superconductivity by parallel magnetic field in two dimensional superconductors, Nature Physics 7, pp 895-900 (2011).

A. Kumar, M.J. Manfra, L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West, and G.A. Csáthy, Nonconventional odd-denominator fractional quantum Hall states in the second Landau level, Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol 105, pp 246808 (2010)

Courses Taught:
Phys 325 Solid State Physics
Phys 311 Mathematical Methods
Phys 310 Quantum Mechanics
Phys 280 Modern Physics
Phys 209 Statics
Phys 208 Classical Mechanics
Phys 130 wL College Physics
Phys 103 wL Astronomy

M.Sc (Hons) Panjab University (INDIA) 1999
Ph.D. Florida State University 2009

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 155 Ctr for Sci & Busi