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Frederick E. Witzig

Academic Biography:
I inherited a love of history from my parents, but I worked for my cousin selling and installing window coverings in Los Angeles for seven years after high school. It was a great job, but I was gradually attracted to the idea of teaching high school history. During the process of finishing my bachelor’s degree and teacher’s training, I realized that I liked the college atmosphere better than high school. Graduate school took my family and me to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. There I came to enjoy the Midwest and secured my first college teaching assignment. This job at Monmouth allowed us to stay in the Midwest and me to teach the subjects I enjoy the most. My colleagues in the history department are fine scholars and friends, and there are many opportunities at Monmouth College for students and faculty to grow professionally and personally.

Research Interests:
The way history allows me to think about the interaction between religious groups and their larger cultures is the most intriguing aspect of my job. My primary research interests are 18th –century American colonial history and American religious history. I also enjoy teaching any part of American history before the Civil War, especially the American Revolution and Early Republic. The history of the Midwest has in the past several years become an important research and teaching interest.

Courses Taught:
HIST111 US History 1750-1900
HIST200 History of Illinois and the Midwest
HIST313 History of American Education
HIST250 American Revolution
INTG216 GP Economic Development
HIST/REL312 Religion in America
INTG101 Introduction to the Liberal Arts

B.A California State University Los Angeles 1999
M.A. Indiana University Bloomington 2001
Ph.D. Indiana University Bloomington 2008

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 202 Mellinger Learning Ctr