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Annie L. Moore

Academic Biography:
I have taught French in several institutions, and have worked as an Executive Secretary for a French business. Learning French is an opportunity to broaden one's understanding of the world . Every language is a door to a world in which geogaphy, history, culture,art, people are interconnected . To enter this world is to allow knowledge to become part of oneself. It is an experience that calls every student to be an active participant. I am honored to be in a classroom where students are willing to learn my language.

Monmouth College offers a peaceful and stimulating environment for learning and teaching, and I enjoy these features very much.

Research Interests:

Immigration and Foodways

Benefits of Homestay for International students

Courses Taught:
French 101 (1 & 2) Elementary French
French 201 Intermediate French
French 332 French Literature

B.A. Western Illinois University 1991
Master-Bilingual and Interdisciplinary Studies Western Illinois University 2008
African Studies Certificate 2008

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 305A McMichael Academic