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Kristin Larson

Academic Biography:
I am originally from Arizona, where I earned my Bachelor's and Master's at the University of Arizona and my Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Northern Arizona University. My clinical experience includes community counseling agencies and a college counseling center. I have also worked in an inpatient setting with eating disorders and have been the director of a counseling center, Currently, I am the co-owner of a private practice in Galesburg, IL. I have 15 years experience teaching Undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral level students.

As a Professor, I am able to bring my professional experience into the classroom and challenge my students to consider the theoretical and ethical issues related to the field, as well as master the foundational skills of counseling.


Research Interests:
My research centers on two distinct, but ultimately related areas, well-being and ethics. My most recent research interests have turned to the role of place in well-being, specifically social gathering places, referred to as "Third Places" (Oldenburg, 1999). After completing a study of well-being in urban and rural coffee shops, my student researchers are preparing to expand their research to culturally diverse settings, including Singapore.

Grant-funding has allowed me to travel to Singapore and Malaysia with teams of students, where they have been able to do observational and quantitative research. Singapore has provided a rich contrast in cultural factors for me and my students. I have facilitated student research into cross-cultural comparisons of well-being and mental health treatment between the West (US) and Southeast Asia (Singapore and Malaysia). These research opportunities have resulted in student presentations at undergraduate research conferences and publication in undergraduate journals.

I have also published in the area of ethics in research design and the ethical considerations of therapy with special populations, such as sexual abuse survivors and also with specific therapeutic approaches, including art therapy.

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:
Supervised Student Research

Foss, K., & Saey, S. (2015). Third Place Experience in Urban and Rural Coffee Shops. SOfIA Undergraduate Research Colloquium (poster).

Morris, K. (2011). The impact of cultures of origin on attitudes toward mental health treatment. Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research, 1, 105-122.


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Martin, W.E., Jr. & Farris, K. (1994). A cultural and contextual decision path approach to career assessment with Native Americans: A psychological perspective. Journal of Career Assessment, 2, 258-275.

Courses Taught:
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 236 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 237 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSYC 290 Cross-Cultural Travel Course
PSYC 355 Theories of Counseling
PSYC 415 Readings: The Social Construction of Mental Illness
PSYC 420 Senior Research Capstone
PSYC 455 Advance Counseling Seminar

Ed.D. Northern Arizona University 1995
M.A. University of Arizona 1991
B A. University of Arizona 1986

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 134 Ctr for Sci & Busi