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Marjorie Bond

Academic Biography:
When deciding what to major in as a high school senior, Dr. Bond asked herself "what subject do I enjoy the most?" The answer was math, so a math major was born. The summer before her last year as an undergraduate, she took her first statistics course and realized that she loved statistics. For her, statistics had the best of mathematics all rolled up into one field -- it can be theoretical, it can be applied, and it can involve a computer. A statistician was born. Later, when she was looking for a teaching position, she received several job offers. To make the decision which job to take, she asked, "which job would I regret not taking?" So a Monmouth College professor was born.

Dr. Bond has been involved with various student organizations such as Alpha Xi Delta and Alternative Spring Break and is currently the faculty advisor to Blue Key. She serves the college as the chief Faculty Marshal, and has been the coordinator of Mentoring Month/Day for various years since the first event was planned.

Professionally, Dr. Bond regularly attends and presents at the Joint Statistical Meetings. She was the technical editor for "Statistics Workbook for Dummies" (first and second edition), "Probability for Dummies," and the second edition of "Statistics for Dummies" and referees articles for the Journal of Statistics Education and the Statistics Education Research Journal.

Research Interests:
Dr. Bond's main research area is in Statistics Eduction, specifically Research On Statistics Attitudes (ROSA). She is managing a group of researchers who are developing a new set of instruments to model motivational attitudes based on Eccles and Wigfield's Expectancy Value Theory. The new instruments are called SOMAS (Survey Of Motivational Attitudes towards Statistics). SOMAS because there is always so mas more to do!

Undergraduate students who work with me will interact with researchers from across the nation and the globe, will learn a variety of skills such as how to conduct focus groups, survey development, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, etc.

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:
Dr. Bond enjoys paper crafts and is the owner of Me Bond Crafts.

Courses Taught:
Math 106 Elementary Statistics
Math 207 Statistics for the Sciences
Math 339 Probability
Math 345 Regression and Analysis of Variance
Math 141 Elementary Functions
INTG 101 Introduction to Liberal Arts
INTG 413 Citizenship: Statistical Thinking
Math 188 Elementary Probability

Ph.D. Kansas State 1996
M.A. U. of New Mexico 1992
B.S. U. of New Mexico 1990
A.S. Amarillo Junior College 1987

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 350 Ctr for Sci & Busi