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Department News

Stephanie Lankford receives prestigious honor from Lincoln Academy of Illinois

Thanks to Doc Kieft's gift, eight science students working on campus

Monmouth students break out of comfort zone on trips to Puerto Rico, Cuba

Top lawyer Biklen '65 returns to MC, tells students about emerging laws

Tasting event scheduled for college's Scots Roast coffee

Solving global hunger can happen, say Thurow (left), panelists at MC symposium

Alumni Nierenberg '95, Plummer '73 on panel, Thurow (left) is keynote speaker

Damiani, CEO of iVision, to speak at MC about that intersection

Kieft Summer Research particpants break in Center for Science and Business

Moore, four students travel to national ACS conference, make presentations

Overview of the major

The Department offers a hands-on curriculum, rich in research opportunities and one-on-one student/faculty interactions.
The Monmouth College Chemistry Department strives to
  1. sharpen students’ quantitative skills
  2. encourage critical thinking
  3. demonstrate the cumulative aspect of chemistry principles
  4. afford students the opportunity to get involved in a research project as early as their sophomore year
  5. utilize “inquiry based learning” in lecture
  6. strengthen students’ scientific writing and presentation skills
  7. illustrate the interrelatedness among chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics

Facilities and special equipment

The department is located with other departments in our new Center for Science and Business.
Using and developing skills with chemical instrumentation is a hallmark of the MC chemistry graduate.  Students begin using state-of-the-art instrumentation in their first year and continue to develop their skills throughout their four years at Monmouth and in their research projects.
The Department holds the following major pieces of instrumentation:
  • Griffin 450 GC-MS with X-Sorber
  • Perkin Elmer Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Waters HPLC with dual wavelength detector
  • Visocotek GPC with RI detector
  • Anasazi EFT-60 NMR Spectrometry
  • Agilent UV-Vis Spectrometer with temperature controller
  • BioRad Gel Doc200 Digital Imaging System
  • Thermo/Nicolet Nexus FTIR Spectrometry
  • Thermo NanoDrop Spectrometry
  • Varian Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Gow Mac GC with a thermoconductivity detector
Alumnus William LeSuer has provide an instrumentation endowment which allows the Department to purchase, on average, a major piece of instrumentation each year.  A former Professor and name sake of the Monmouth College Science building, W. S.  "Haldy" Haldeman has endowed the Department with a library fund which provides internet access to current research journals, the latest book and periodical publications, and the latest in chemistry and scientific software.

Professional opportunities for graduates

A  degree in chemistry or biochemistry from Monmouth College opens many doors.  With a solid education in chemistry and the oral and written communication skills acquired from a liberal arts education, our graduates are prepared for a variety of fields. Here is a list of some of the paths our recent graduates have taken:
Professional Schools
Southern Illinois University Medical School
Southern Illinois University Pharmacy School
University of Illinois Veterinary School
Mercer University Pharmacy School
Chemical Industry
Quality Control Chemist: Proctor and Gamble in Waukegan, IL
Research Position: Sigma Aldrich in St. Louis, MO
Research Position in Nanocomposites: Nanocor in Arlington Heights, IL
High School Teaching
Crystal Lake South High School
Graduate School
University of Iowa
University of Nebraska
Kent State University

Where are our recent graduates?

Jon Cline, Des Moines University Medical School
Ted Tomlin, Sigma-Aldrich - Chemist
Stephanie Inskeep, Grain Processing - Muscatine- Research Tech
Amanda Link, Rockford College - MAT (Master's Teaching Program)
Om Kumar Shrestha, Univeristy of Iowa - Biochemistry
Sara Wenzel, Univeristy of Kansas - MBA
Katrice King, Kent State University - Chemistry
Antonella Magnelli, Northeastern University - Chemistry
Sara Hitchcock, University of Nebraska - Chemistry
Alison Warren, Mercer University - Pharmacy
Jennifer Hass, Indiana University - Chemistry
Nate Coleman, Jr, University of Iowa - Chemistry
Matt Faron, University of Iowa - Genetics
Jennifer Scott, Sigma-Aldrich - Chemist
Mary Schuch

Student "Scotlight"

Mary Schuch
Major: Psychology and Religious Studies

MC offers student many travel opportunities