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Department News

Evolutionary biologist Scott Carroll to speak on campus Oct. 30

Stephanie Lankford receives prestigious honor from Lincoln Academy of Illinois

Kubota equipment donated by McGehee '81 being used on MC's research farm

Biology professor Godde to study, teach in Mauritius in 2015

Thanks to Doc Kieft's gift, eight science students working on campus

Major gift from McGraths funds biology position; Godde is first recipient

Monmouth students break out of comfort zone on trips to Puerto Rico, Cuba

Mills answers what happens when '7 billion humans meet 9 million other species'

Cramer's ongoing study of brown recluse spiders is in journal article

First of MC's groundbreaking programs to focus on food security

Biochemistry Overview

Students will obtain a solid foundation in the molecular sciences at the intersection of chemistry and biology that will prepare them for employment, professional school, or graduate school upon graduation. They will also learn to use the scientific literature information effectively.

MC's Chemistry Department has a long tradition of preparing students for successful and rewarding careers in biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering and a variety of other career paths.

The Monmouth College Chemistry Department strives to:
  • sharpen students’ quantitative skills
  • encourage critical thinking
  • demonstrate the cumulative aspect of biochemistry principles
  • afford students the opportunity to get involved in a research project as early as their sophmore year
  • utilize “inquiry based learning” in lecture
  • strengthen students’ scientific writing and presentation skills
  • illustrate the interrelatedness among biochemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics

The department offers a hands-on curriculum, rich in research opportunities and one-on-one student/faculty interactions. Alumnus William LeSuer has provide an instrumentation endowment which allows the department to purchase, on average, a major piece of instrumentation each year. A former Professor and name sake of the Monmouth College Science building, W. S. "Haldy" Haldeman has endowed the department with a library fund which provides internet access to current research journals, the latest book and periodical publications, and the latest in biochemistry and scientific software.

Mary Schuch

Student "Scotlight"

Mary Schuch
Major: Psychology and Religious Studies

MC offers student many travel opportunities