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Atmospheric Science Overview

Students who participate in this program will attend Monmouth College for three (3) years and complete the major requirements for Physics as well as the usual general education requirements. This program is modeled in part on the existing successful programs that we have in Dual Degree engineering. There are a few additional elective requirements that are not part of the minimal Physics major. 

Required Courses that exceed the Physics Major Requirement:

  • PHYS 214: Computational Methods in the Natural Sciences
    (This course is taught in rotation and physics students are already strongly encouraged to take it as elective credit)
  • CHEM 130: General Chemistry
    (Students who are interested in Engineering are already strongly encouraged to take this course)
  • MATH 253: Calculus III
    (Physics students are already strongly encouraged to take this course)
  • PHYS: Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics

Upon completing the requirements at Monmouth, students will be guaranteed admission to the Master’s program in Atmospheric Science at Creighton University.   Students will be required to have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better and a GPA of 3.0 or better in all Mathematics and Science courses.   Students who do not meet these requirements will have the right to petition for admission.   Students may also opt to complete this program as a 4-2 if they wish to spend their senior year at Monmouth College.

Sean McNamara

Student "Scotlight"

Sean McNamara
Major: Accounting

Family tradition of attending Monmouth College continues