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Monmouth College provides students interested in Architecture with a broad education that nourishes personal growth and prepares students for success in graduate school programs. Instead of focusing on one topic, students learn in a multitude of areas. However, in every class, students improve their critical thinking and writing skills and learn to communi-cate well with others. A broadly educated person is better prepared to lead a personal and professionally fulfilling life, leading to success in graduate school and beyond.
Students interested in Architecture usually major in Art which builds a strong foundation for graduate studies in the broad field of architecture. At the advanced levels of the Major, students are expected to develop personal artworks that go beyond classroom assignments in media or techniques. These artworks are expected to be produced with highly re-fined and carefully developed formal qualities and grounded with conceptual and intellectual ideas that are relative to the individual and the contemporary environment of the art world. These artworks will develop and advance students ability to become an architect that helps contribute to the beauty and function in the built world and continue their education in the field.
Acceptance to graduate school in the field of architecture requires early and careful planning that leads to a STRONG portfolio of work that shows proof of exploration and ideas in a body of related works, a well written and defined letter of purpose/intent, and a strong overall GPA. Even though Monmouth College has a cooperative program with Washington University, students have gone to other excellent graduate schools such as Virginia Tech and University of Minnesota.